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Shot Put

This week I learned how to play shot put.

First I learnt the skills for shot put, the skills were Stance, Grip, Aim and Throw. The stance is side on and look at the target. The aim is look and aim with the non dominat arm. The Grip is hold the ball with the three middle finger and don’t hold the ball with your palm. The throw is push the ball forward and twist your hips.

Next we had to get a partner and we had to get a ball. We had to throw to our partner I had to do the stance side on. Later on we were finished and we went back to class.

I enjoyed doing shot put, I need to improve to throw properly.

Soft Ball

Today for Kelly Sports we played a game called Softball/T-Ball.

First  we done a warm up by hitting the ball and running to the cone and back as fast as we can but one of the teams needed to field and the other team needed to bat.

Next we played a second game that was T -ball but with other rules, you have to hit the ball and then run to the cone and then stand there and wait for the next person to hit the ball, when they hit the ball you have to run to the second cone and wait there for the next person. When the person hits the ball and the other team catches the ball thats strike 1. if you run all three cones you win for your team.

I enjoyed this because I got better at doing T-Ball. I did well on batting. I need to improve on catching the ball.



Today for PE we learnt skills and played Netball.

First, we went into groups of three and we revised how to chest passed, to chest pass you need put the ball to your chest and throw the ball to your target, partner or group.

Then ,we did a relay race we went into two equal groups, one group made a big circle an the other group made a line, the first person in the line had to run around the circle and get to the end of the circle, if the group that made a big circle passed the ball one hundred times berfore the group that lined up went around the circle they would win.

Lastly, we played a real game of Netball.

I enjoyed it because it gave me some energy,I need to improve to pass,I was good at running


I revised how to pass and dribble in basketball.

First,I revised how to dribble. I learned that I had to use my fingers when hitting the ball, I also learnt when dribbling that I had to lean down with my legs apart. When dribbling I also had to make my knees facing forward.

Then,I had to revise how to pass, I revised that when you are passing the ball you have to make your hands into a W shape then when throwing you should lean on one leg first and throw at the same time.

I enjoyed dribbiling,I need to improve passing.

Ripper Rugby

We revised our rippa rugby skills in PE on Thursday

First,we revised on how to pass. To pass right I have to put my right hand at the top the ball and put my left hand at the bottom then spin the ball. The ball should spin well.

Then,we played relay race,In this game the first three people in the three lines have to pass to eachother.The first team to sit down wins. We also remebered not to pass the ball forward.

Lastly,we played rippa tag. In rippa tag the first three in the two lines would try to rip the oppnents tags.

I enjoyed the rippa tag game,I did well in passing,I need to improve playing relay race.


This week I played a game of dodgeball some of them were a other version of dodgeball.

First,I played a game which was called jedi dodgeball. If a person gets tag from the ball in our team they have to sit down and wait for the jedi to tag you so you can get back into the game.

Next,I played a different version of dodgeball the game which was called traditional dodgeball.The rules for traditidonal dodgeball is if the other team throws the ball to you and you catch the ball that means that the person who threw the ball is out.

Lastly,I played another round of dodgeball. Coach Lucas made another rule for the last game of dodgeball which was if you get tagged you line up sitting down on the stage in the middle.

I enjoyed these versions of dodgeball,I need to improve throwing the ball.I did well catching the ball.

American Football

Today we practised some AFL skills.

First,we revised how to hold a ball and how to throw a ball.

Next,we played piggy in the middle we had to get into a group of three,piggy in the middle is when there is two players on the outside to throw the ball to each other while the one in the middle tries to catch it.

Lastly,we played piggy in the middle as a whole class,how we played as a class is when when there is three people in the middle and the rest of the people goes in a circle around the piggy.

I enjoyed this activity because we played piggy in the middle,I need to improve how to throw a ball. I did well at catching the ball.


Today we learned some skills in soccer.

First,we got into four teams ,when we got into four teams we done some dribbling with out foot but while we were dribbling we were racing the other team.

Next,we used the inside of our foot so the ball stays close so the other team cant steal it.

Lastly,we got into teams of four and then we had to kick the ball eight times.

I enjoyed this task because i got to learn some new skills. I need to improve kicking and dribbling the ball. I did well in kicking the ball to my partner.





T Balls skills

We revised and learned more T balls skills.

First,we played noodle tag so we can warm up how to bat and run.

Next, Coach Cameron told us the four things that we need to remember while playing t ball. While playing we need to also remember the bat is at the height of your belly button and we need your feet in line,spread arpart also we need to remember arms out straight, and face sideways.

Lastly,we played game and then switch teams to play against others.

I enjoyed this game of Tball because it was fun to bat,i did well in hitting the ball with the bat ,i need to improve on catching.

T-ball Skills

We learned about diffrent T ball skills,The skills we learned were Throwing and Running and Hitting.

First,we practice throwing the ball by playing ball rain.

Next,we practice running between the bases by having a relay race.

Lastly,we practiced hitting.we hit the ball on the tee.

I enjoyed doing this task because I liked hitting the ball. I think I should improve catching. I did well in batting.