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Statistical Investigation

LI: To read the text, gather sort, graph and analyse the data

Our math group created a diagram which shows the top six rivers in Auckland from smallest to largest. We used our collaborative skills to find out the data of each river. We put these rivers in this order from shortest to longest Whau 5.7 km, Puhoi 13 km Tamaki 15 km, Waitakere 16 km, Hoteo 28 km, Wairoa 65 km. We used our knowledge to come to the conclusion on what river is the longest out of the 6 rivers in Auckland, which is Wairoa River is 65 km long.

I found this activity interesting because we worked as collaborative group to analyse the data together.




I learnt about temperature.

First Miss white told us what Temperature is measured in, its measured in degrees but its also called degrees c.

Next I had to make a copy of a google docs where it had questions like ” The temperature falls by 5 degrees from 8 degrees the new temperature?” and I had to answer it, I also learnt rise means add and falls means takeaways.

Lastly I made a DLO talking about what the hottest place on earth is and what the coldest place on earth

I enjoyed learning about temperature,  I need to improve answering the questions more fatser.

Basic Facts

I completed my addition basics fact boxes and got 100 out of 100.

My finishing time was 3:30.

I think I need well on my time and I liked basic fact boxes, but I think I need to get better at answering the questions.


I learnt how to read time.

First Miss White drew a time on the whiteboard, we had to try find out the right answer and write it on the whiteboard.

Then I made a slide show showing a picute of a clock, with the time on it.

Lastly I told what time all of them were, and all the answeres

I liked this task because I learnt more about how to read time,  I need to get better at explaning them on my slide.

School Field

Today I was learning about measuring the Schools field.

First I had to make a copy of the google map and then I have to click the ruler to measure the school field.

After that I wrote how much meters does the sides and top, downs have and corners.

The left and right side of the field is 90 meters. The bottem and top is 64 meters. When I measured the sides and up and downs I took a picture of this and then pasted it to my google draw.

I enjoyed doing this task. I need to improve on doing more measuring.


I learnt Length.

First i learnt what length is, Length is the hight side of an object, for example if you measure a chair and you want to measure the length, you will have to measure it with a ruler.

Next i did a length of a pencil, tote tray, white board, chair, table and an object of my choice.

I enjoyed this task because i learnt what Length is.I need to improve on measuring propley.


Today we done some patterns

First,I created patterns for a shape pattern,object pattern,letter pattern,number pattern,color pattern.

Next,I added some question like:What comes next? What is the pattern? What is the third next shape?

Lastly,I made the answer slide for the shape pattern,color pattern,letter pattern,Object pattern.

I enjoyed making patterns,I did well in making patterns,I need to improve writting the question.

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