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Te Reo Maori

I tried to speak maori for 5 – 10 minutes.

First I made a copy of a te reo maori google slide.

Next I learn more about the maori language, for example: ” Kia Ora” means “Hello”

Lastly I finished a google slide of the shapes where i had to say the name of the shape in maori and tell where the shape is ( In maori )

I enjoyed doing this task because i actually spoke maori for 5 – 10 minutes.

Te Reo Maori

I learnt how to say ho mai te… and kei te…

First,we ask each other questions. For example: “ho mai te puka puka” which means give me the book and the other persons says “anei.”

Next,we started asking ” kei te turu” which means where is the chair.

I enjoyed this activity because I learnt how to say  ho mai te… and kei te… I did well pronouncing the maori words.

Te Reo maori

Today we did some Te Reo Maori.

First,we went on the mat and Wheaea Odie showed us thec ard that has the maori word on it for the card but when she showed us we had to pronounce it properly.

Next,We went over the words in maori like ronga,raro,waho,roto and we went over left and right in maori.

Lastly,we had to copy and  paste the Maori words that were on the document on google maps.

I enjoyed this activity because i learned some new words in maori,I did well in pronoucing the words in maori.


Te Reo

I learned some maori numbers.

First, Whaea Odie placed one card and we had to say the number in te reo maori. When she say ho mai… we have to get the number she says and say Anei,when we get the number we haft to say the maori word for the number.

Next,we did 20 and 30 and 40 in Maori even though we did two tens and three tens. She will say it in Maori numbers and we try to find the correct numbers.

I enjoyed this because I learnt some numbers in maori that  I did not know. I did well on saying  the numbers properly. I need to improve on not mixing the numbers up.

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