Tag: Summer Learning Journey

Showing respect to my culture

For the step it up activity I had to create a poster about showing respect, I chose to create a poster about showing respect to my culture.

I chose three images, the three images repersented my iwi, whenua and kapa haka. I use these three images because it has a connection with my culture. In my DLO I talk about how I respect my culture. In the first image it repersents I show respect to my iwi by helping out at the marae and carry on the legacy. In the second image, I show loyalty to my kapa haka waiata by singing proudly and leading my schools waiata. The last image also honored by the people who were here before me who worked and protested to fight for the land and people.

I enjoyed this activty because I had the chance to create a DLO to tell everyone about how I respect my culture and how I repersent it.


Cultrual Superhero

The SMJ kick start activity was to create a superhero , I created a superhero named Anaherea Moana Kaia, she is a  Maori superhero that has abilitys to turn into anyone, she also can transport with her powers with the wind. She is also raised inside the forest and has been sentened by her sister Rawinia to live in the forest for ten years. Despite Anahera being only seven and having to stay in the forest. Soon later as she became more older her loyalty to the forest became more stronger, the forest then gave Anahera the ability to have powers.

This kick start activty was good because we had the chance to use our imaganation and use our creativity to create a superhero of our own.




Market Day

On wednesday Panmure Bridge School had an event called Market Day, LS2 had created Friendship bracelets and also had created harakeke Aniwaniwa glitter fish. All students had an opportunity to work collaboratively and used their creativity to create their product to sell to students. All classes had a variety of things to sell at their stall.

Before students had to sell their products we needed to use our skills and our creativity to plan what we needed to do before selling our product. We needed to go through a process to design, create, market (posters) and sell. We needed to design and gather ideas for what we would like to sell. Our idea was to weave a simple fish out of harakeke, but we wanted to sell more products for people to buy. 

Our class organised our stall infront of the hall on the deck and displayed all of our products that we want to sell. The Market Day had started our stall was  popular, it was filled with fun colours and glitter. As we finished our preparation, we helped set up some of the other stalls. Once we completed helping all of the stalls, every stalls were looking ready and up for presenting.

A few of our class had to sell our products, as the rest of the class uses their 5 tokens to buy some of the others classes stalls.





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