Showing respect to my culture

For the step it up activity I had to create a poster about showing respect, I chose to create a poster about showing respect to my culture.

I chose three images, the three images repersented my iwi, whenua and kapa haka. I use these three images because it has a connection with my culture. In my DLO I talk about how I respect my culture. In the first image it repersents I show respect to my iwi by helping out at the marae and carry on the legacy. In the second image, I show loyalty to my kapa haka waiata by singing proudly and leading my schools waiata. The last image also honored by the people who were here before me who worked and protested to fight for the land and people.

I enjoyed this activty because I had the chance to create a DLO to tell everyone about how I respect my culture and how I repersent it.


3 thoughts on “Showing respect to my culture

  1. Kia ora Mia-Bella,

    Miss Pryde here again. I enjoyed your other blog so I thought I would see what else you have been doing on here.

    What a wonderful read and so cool to see you so proudly talking about your kapa haka and leading waiata. That isn’t an easy thing to do, it takes mana. You are awesome at kapa haka and I bet you have only got better and better. Have you performed lately?

    I like how you talked about the work you do for your marae, showing respect by giving back to your marae and your iwi. That is so important. I’m glad you gave some examples of how you show respect.

    Remembering our ancestors, those that have come before us is so important. They fought for the rights we have today. It is important to think of those people often and to work hard and show respect towards them. Very thoughtful read Mia-Bella. Thank you very much for sharing.

    Miss Pryde

    1. Kia Ora Miss Pryde,

      As you probably know, I am the leader of the Kapa Haka, the Kapa Haka group has worked very hard to learn new actions and waiata. The Kapa Haka has performed recently through the year. I enjoyed this activity very much because I thought it was a good activity to show others how I show respect to my Maori Culture. I am proud of what I have worked on to complete this activity.

      Kindly Regards,

      1. Ka pai Mia-Bella, I did not know you were the leader of the Kapa haka group although I am not surprised. You are very talented at Kapa haka. I hope you have been leading by example, singing beautifully and loud and using nice big actions. I do need to come visit sometime soon so I can see you guys perform.

        It’s good to have mana when it comes to your culture. I love being Maori. I love the waiata, the reo, the kai, the whanau, all of it. What is your favourite thing about being Maori?

        Miss Pryde

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