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Collaborative Art

LI:  To use different types of warm and cool colours to recreate a world-known painting from Van Gogh.

This week’s art is about Van Gogh and his famous art piece “The Starry Night”. The Class was divided into 2 groups of 16 people, 1 of each group remade “The Starry Night” in warm colours and cool colours digitally.Each group divided 16 pieces of the Starry Night with each person in the group. Working as a collaborative team we gathered all or pieces to 1 DLO to finally reach our desired outcome.

I found this activity difficult to do because we neeeded to get the art we have done and place them in the right place, the art we have done was cool because we got to work collaboratively.


Whale tail

I created a digital whale tail and a non digital whale tail.

First,I done a digital whale tail,I used the rubbish on the whale tail because there are rubbish that is going on the sea and on land too.And i also used  the color blue and yellow on my whale tail because the blue is like the sea on the beach and the yellow is the sand on the beach.

Next I coloured in my art and wrote about the things I put in the whale tail. I wrote it so I can represent my whale tail.

Lastly,I used my digital whale tail to put it into a non digital whale tail. I practised how to shade my whale tail.

I enjoyed this task because i created a whale tail,I need to improve dawring on my non digital whale tail.


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