Tag: HPE

Kelly Sports

This week for kelly sports I did an obstacle course and played infinity tag.

First I done the obstacle course, I had to zig zag around the cones, jump over some hurdles, did five sqauts and at the end I skipped with a skipping rope.

Next we played infinity tag, I was one of the last people still up even though i was tagged alot.

I enjoyed doing the obstacle course, I did well on being one of the last people standing up in infinity tag.

Shot Put – Discus

This week I learned about discus and shot put for HPE.

First Mr Wong taught us how to stand side on, point to where I am aming. For discus I had to make a shelf on my hand to hold the discus. I also had to do chin, knees, and toes.

Next I had to copy Mr Wongs moves to know what I have to do. I had to start off by pointing where I’m going to throw at.

Lastly I had to let go of the cone when I do the chin, knees, and toes. When I let go of the cone I had to stand up and face on the left to throw. I also had to say let it fly at the end of the action.

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at doing the action. I need to improve on saying the sentence or word.