Tag: CARE Awards

Thank You Card

The netball team created a thank you card for Miss Morris before she left the school. This card was created for Miss Morris as she was leaving our school. We wrote things about how she was an awesome coach and how she helped us level up our netball skills. We had good memories with Miss Morris and hope she will visit us soon.

Moko Ika Hikuwaru

LI:To learn and picture the legends of the Taniwha creature.

This week LS2 have been doing Taniwha art to represent our panmure basin, people say that some of the Taniwhas live in our panmure basin, we wanted to represent a Taniwha called Moko Ika Hika Waru, the Taniwha Moko Ika Hika Waru was described to have eight tails. The Taniwha is a Maori creature/legend that Maori believed to hide in the rivers.

I enjoyed this activity because I learned more about the Taniwha Moko Ika Hika Waru, it was hard to look at different Taniwha to see what details I could add to me and my groups one.

Aretha Franklin

LI:To learn about Aretha Franklin and her song “RESPECT”.

This week I have been doing my CARE Award badges and one of my task for the silver Respect Award was to “Research Aretha Franklin’s song RESPECT “.I found out that her song “RESPECT” meaning was to show respect to your man, I also found out that it was her most famous song out of her 112 charted singles. She wrote it down letting others know.

I found this activity fun because it was really easy finding all the information about Aretha Franklin and her song “RESPECT”.

How to be cybersmart

LI: To make a DLO about how to stand up to bullies.

This DLO shows us how to stand up to bullies, if you are being bullied I would reccomend you to go to a trusted adult straight away.  This DLO is always here for anyone who is wanting to see this. This is a reminder for you when you get bullied and you dont know what to say or do. You can talk to someone you trust and tell them what has been happening to you. You can tell teachers, friends, family etc.

I enjoyed this activity making a DLO because it can help many people that has been bullied.