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Summer Learning Journey Comic Strip

Today for our kick start activity for the Summer Learning Journey, we had to make a comic strip of your characters at the beach. 

Our comic strip is all about the mystery of the sandcastle, our comics story is about two girls who came to the beach to have pleasing day, when they arrived they made a big and beautiful sandcastle which took very long, but they knew it was worth it, when they were finished they decided to have a game of volleyball, after playing a few game they got bored, this was when one of the characters suggested to go back and add more to their sandcastle, but when they got their they were shocked to see what laid in front of their eyes.

This activity was exciting to do because we had the chance to use our imagination to create a comic strip of our characters, but it was also interesting seeing what more you and your partner could add, this activity was really collaborative which made it really enjoyable to make our strip.

Market Day

On wednesday Panmure Bridge School had an event called Market Day, LS2 had created Friendship bracelets and also had created harakeke Aniwaniwa glitter fish. All students had an opportunity to work collaboratively and used their creativity to create their product to sell to students. All classes had a variety of things to sell at their stall.

Before students had to sell their products we needed to use our skills and our creativity to plan what we needed to do before selling our product. We needed to go through a process to design, create, market (posters) and sell. We needed to design and gather ideas for what we would like to sell. Our idea was to weave a simple fish out of harakeke, but we wanted to sell more products for people to buy. 

Our class organised our stall infront of the hall on the deck and displayed all of our products that we want to sell. The Market Day had started our stall was  popular, it was filled with fun colours and glitter. As we finished our preparation, we helped set up some of the other stalls. Once we completed helping all of the stalls, every stalls were looking ready and up for presenting.

A few of our class had to sell our products, as the rest of the class uses their 5 tokens to buy some of the others classes stalls.





Diya Creating

LI: To follow the instructions to make your own origami diya (diva lamp).

The photo above shows my origami diya (diva lamp). Our first challenge was to watch the video that shows how to fold an origami diya (diva lamp). Before we could start we needed to use a ruler to measure a 20cm square piece of paper to make our own origami square. I found it hard to figure out the right mesurement to get the right 20cm square paper.

I found this activity challenging because it was hard to follow the right instructions to make a oragim diya. 

Celebrating Diwali

LI: To use your smart searching skills to find out what Diwali is and how people celebrate around the world.

Our challenge was to write create a DLO that tells others what Diwali is and how people celebrate around the world. Something I found interesting was how they celebrated the Diwali day, but then I noticed the saying “victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance” so then I realised that they usally decorate there house into bright colours and they light fireworks into the sky, also light candles in there houses to welcome goodluck.

I found this activity fun and intresting because I got to learn more about the Diwali Celebration.

Phares dans la Tempete, la Jument

LI: To use your smart searching skills to find the story behind this picture.

Our challenge was to write create a DLO that shows where this lighthouse is and what the story is behind the image. We found out that the Phares dans la Tempete, la Jument is a lighthouse in france that had a accident with the waves crashing to the Lighthouse. Theodore Malgorn heard a sound of a helicopter and made it distinct that the waves to the helicopter. To show he needed help and to be rescued. He then realized the helicopter was taking dramatic images. And crashing against the rocks of the lighthouse. So he ran inside the Lighthouse just before the waves were about to crash down to the lighthouse.

I found this activity fun and collaborative because I learn more about the lighthouse and the history and facts behind it.

These Shoes have a story to tell

LI: To use the 5 senses and personification to help us paint a picture with words. To understand that personification is to give an inanimate object human qualities

Our challenge was to co construct a text using personification and the senses to describe the story behind the shoes in this image. We sat back to back and weren’t able to talk to each other so we had to write one sentence at a time. Half way through Mrs Anderson challenged us to include a rhetorical question and a simile or metaphor, adjectives, adverb and a metaphor. Once we had completed this part of the challenge we joined together with another group to share our writing and make sure what we had written made sense. After that part of the challenge was finished we used the punctuation points game to see how much we used puncuation similie, adjectives, adverb, rhetorical question. We marked eachother’s punctuation against the points table. We then had a chance to check our own work against the points table. That was fun because every point our partners missed meant we could take a point off theirs.

I found this activity fun and enjoyable because we had a chance to collaborate and work together as a team.

Something happend here..

LI: To learn about New Zealand History.

For reading we discovered some New Zealand History, we chose one of the 36 cards and discovered more about New Zealand history. We chose Ahi Ka, this card is about Ngati Whatua Protesting to take something back that was there. This took place at Bastion Point. Ngati Whatua was disempowered by the Pakeha people and the government, so they protested so they could take back Bastion Point and their land. The people of Ngati Whatua lost their homes and Maraes, people lost there lives fighting to take back something that was theres. Ngati Whatua nearly lose Bastion Point, their mana and land were destroyed and no longer the same as it was. Ngati Whatua had no power to stop them destroying there Papakainga and there land.

Bastion Point will always be remembered for being powerful Māori people because Māori people was not going to be treated how they were previously being treated. They will stay on the whenua and stand there ground, no matter what.

I found this activity intresting because we had the chance to learn more about the New Zealand History.


Explanation Writing

LI: To understand the structure and language features in an explanation

How did Goldie Locks upset the Bears family?

To upset someone is to make someone unhappy, disappointed, or in a state of worry. In the story of the Goldilocks and the Three Bears she made disappointing decisions. Above all, have you ever made someone in a state of stress?

In the fairytale of the Goldilocks and the Three Bear. Goldie Locks makes some disappointing bold moves with this in mind. Goldilocks’ curiosity took over and she went into the house of the three Bears. Goldilocks sat on a chair which was just right then suddenly it collapsed, the smell of the porridge made her hungry so she ate all of the porridge. After that porridge she felt tired so she found the three Bears beds but she slept on the bed that was just right. However when she was having a cosy nap the three Bears walked into their house, looking devastated at the shocking mess in the house.

If someone came into my house I would be shocked and terrified, if someone broke my favourite chair I would be angry, if someone ate my food, I would be furious and if someone was sleeping in my bed I would be aggravated.  

To help us understand how to write an explanation we looked at the purpose, the structure (what it looks like) and the language features. An explanation tells us how or why something is the way it is. To help us understand this we learnt about cause and effect. Cause and effect is an action and a reaction. We used the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears to help us understand this. Here is our explanation that describes how Goldilocks upset the Bear family.

This activity was cool because I learnt some new things about explanations.


I explaned my transport and said how it helps society.

First I had to download my DLO and labled my boat.

Then I added the introduction, my introduction told what I chose to make, I chose to make a boat that can go on land.

Lastly I added my explantion, talking about how each part worked, and how it helped society.

I liked this task and I enjoyed it, but I think I need to get better at making my introduction.


I learnt about Evaluation.

First I talk about Evaluation with my group. Evaluation is  when you think about both sides of a problem, I talked about if stealing is good or bad.

Next I and my group read this description of why people still steal.

Lastly I wrote about why people stole and what will happen on a google slide, I

I enjoy this because I get to know what evaluation is. I need to improve on writing more about Evaluation. I did well at the information