Summer Learning Journey Comic Strip

Today for our kick start activity for the Summer Learning Journey, we had to make a comic strip of your characters at the beach. 

Our comic strip is all about the mystery of the sandcastle, our comics story is about two girls who came to the beach to have pleasing day, when they arrived they made a big and beautiful sandcastle which took very long, but they knew it was worth it, when they were finished they decided to have a game of volleyball, after playing a few game they got bored, this was when one of the characters suggested to go back and add more to their sandcastle, but when they got their they were shocked to see what laid in front of their eyes.

This activity was exciting to do because we had the chance to use our imagination to create a comic strip of our characters, but it was also interesting seeing what more you and your partner could add, this activity was really collaborative which made it really enjoyable to make our strip.

3 thoughts on “Summer Learning Journey Comic Strip

  1. Kia ora Mia-Bella,

    Miss Pryde here. It is awesome to see you getting involved with the Summer Learning Journey.

    Your comic book is one of the funniest SLJ comic books I’ve read so far.You mentioned you collaborated with someone. Who did you collaborate with? Did it make it easier collaborating with someone?

    What I liked so much about your comic was the crabs sneaky plans to destroy the sandcastle and how shocked the girls were. The ‘to be continued…’ part at the end was a nice touch too. It does make me wonder what might happen next. Can you give me a clue? Or are you going to post part two? I’d love to read part two.

    I also enjoyed your story in the description. You used some cool adjectives which made the story even more interesting and exciting. Just remember to include questions in your description. Questions make it easier for your readers to engage with you in the comments. An example of a question could be “What do you think might happen next?”

    Looking forward to seeing what other awesome blogs you complete Mia-Bella.
    Miss Pryde

    1. Kia Ora Miss Pryde,
      for this activity i have collaborated with my friend Taya. I found it really easy and fun to work with a partner, being with a partner for this activity made me feel more interested in this activity. Taya and I have been thinking of ideas of what we can add. Im sorry I haven’t gave the people a clue of what might happen next. I will use the feedback that you have given me and try add more detail, I will try make a part two.

      Thank you Miss Pryde for commenting on my blog post and given me feedback.

      Kindly Regards,

      1. Kia ora Mia-Bella,

        Thank you for taking the time to reply to my comment. I appreciate it.

        Yes, sometimes working with people motivates us. They can help with things we struggle with and we can help them with things they struggle with. The key is not getting distracted, that can be tricky sometimes.

        Do you prefer to work with people or alone? Or maybe you are like me and like both, just depending on my mood. If I’ve got lots of work to do I prefer to work alone but if I have a bit more time up my sleeve then I don’t mind collaborating with someone else.

        Miss Pryde

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