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Kawa of care is to help you keep you your chromebook and you famliy safe.

There are many rules you may follow when having a chrome book, for example keep food away from the chromebook because you will have grease all over your chromebook.

School responsibilites tells us how the school manages our chromebook and how we should not go on things we are not supposed to go on.

Dangerous situation

There are many dangerous situation like scams,phishing.

Phishing is  when people send clickbait messages making you join a scam or download dangerous software for example:You have won some money Click here to get your money,the best way to handle this situation is to ignore it.

Scams is when people trick you into giving money to them. For example: I am a Nigerian prince who has been exiled from his kingdom. I ask that you help me by donating just $100. I will pay you back when I can pay for my freedom and get back to my kingdom.The best way to handle it is to delete the email.

Malware download is when ads or apps make you download software that makes your computer slow or steals information. The best way to handle it is to use a virus checker and delete it.

When you are on the internet make sure to check with the people that you are talking to because you might be leaded  to dangerous situations.

Polite Email

Today I learned how to write a polite email.

First,we revised how to write a polite email, for a polite email you need a Subject , body ,greting, farewell , signature.

Next,we learned how to join a Google meet,when you go into a google meet make sure you turn on your mute buttonand make sure when you want to ask a question raise your digital hand.

Lastly,we created a poster to how to write a polite email.

I enjoyed this task because I learnt how to write a polite email,I need to improve going into google meet,I was good at writting a polite email.

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