Year: 2022

Basic Facts

I did my basic fact boxes addition in 1 minute and 45 secs

First I started my timer

Then I started answering my questions.

Lastly I finished all the questions.

I liked this task and I enjoyed it, but I think I need to get better at doing it faster.

Commanding conversation

I done a task called Commanding Conversation.

First i found a photo.

Next i had to think what to write about.

Lastly i wrote about 2 horses, Their is a horse who wanted someone to play with and a other horse just minding his own buissness and just walking around lonley.

I enjoyed this task because i get to use my imaganation, I need to improve on my conversation.


I explaned my transport and said how it helps society.

First I had to download my DLO and labled my boat.

Then I added the introduction, my introduction told what I chose to make, I chose to make a boat that can go on land.

Lastly I added my explantion, talking about how each part worked, and how it helped society.

I liked this task and I enjoyed it, but I think I need to get better at making my introduction.


I learnt about Evaluation.

First I talk about Evaluation with my group. Evaluation is  when you think about both sides of a problem, I talked about if stealing is good or bad.

Next I and my group read this description of why people still steal.

Lastly I wrote about why people stole and what will happen on a google slide, I

I enjoy this because I get to know what evaluation is. I need to improve on writing more about Evaluation. I did well at the information


I learnt how to comment on people’s blogs.

First I learnt the main things to write on a blog post. For example: if I’m commenting on someone’s blog, I have to greet them, what I enjoyed about their blog post, what I learnt from their blog post, ask a question on their blog and tell them your feedback for their blog.

Next I wrote my feedback. If they reply  I have to reply back to their comment. For example: I have to greet again, saying thank you for the reply, if you got another question, add the question, and add feedback for their reply.

I enjoyed this task because I enjoyed commenting to other people. I did well on greeting the person. I need to improve on asking better questions, and feedback for their work.





I learnt about temperature.

First Miss white told us what Temperature is measured in, its measured in degrees but its also called degrees c.

Next I had to make a copy of a google docs where it had questions like ” The temperature falls by 5 degrees from 8 degrees the new temperature?” and I had to answer it, I also learnt rise means add and falls means takeaways.

Lastly I made a DLO talking about what the hottest place on earth is and what the coldest place on earth

I enjoyed learning about temperature,  I need to improve answering the questions more fatser.

Kelly Sports

This week for kelly sports I did an obstacle course and played infinity tag.

First I done the obstacle course, I had to zig zag around the cones, jump over some hurdles, did five sqauts and at the end I skipped with a skipping rope.

Next we played infinity tag, I was one of the last people still up even though i was tagged alot.

I enjoyed doing the obstacle course, I did well on being one of the last people standing up in infinity tag.

Designing an Vehicle

I learnt how to design a vehicle.

First I made a brainstorm of pros and cons about the different modes of transport. For example: A cons for jet ski is “its so hard to find becase of the price”.

Next I needed to fix the cons for each vehicle.

Lastly I made a vehicle that has wings and has a bouncy castle because it’s like a babysitter.

I enjoyed this task because I learnt how to design a car. I need to improve on making a better vehicle. I did well on my design.