Month: August 2022


I revised how to pass and dribble in basketball.

First,I revised how to dribble. I learned that I had to use my fingers when hitting the ball, I also learnt when dribbling that I had to lean down with my legs apart. When dribbling I also had to make my knees facing forward.

Then,I had to revise how to pass, I revised that when you are passing the ball you have to make your hands into a W shape then when throwing you should lean on one leg first and throw at the same time.

I enjoyed dribbiling,I need to improve passing.

State Your Opinion

State your opinion.

When sharing opinions make sure to use APE which means assertion,proof and explain. you have to use APE when sharing opinions.

Assertion is when say what it shows in the picture, when saying proof say the reason, when explaining the opinion say the reason you think that, for example if there was a picture of a younger brother and a older brother fighting over a teddy bear, can say what you see, the reason and why you think that.

Editing Sentence

Today I completed a writing task called editing Sentences.

First,we played a warmup Kahoot that was guess the logo.

Next,I saw some mistakes in the words that  Mr Wong put into the sentences. I went to fix how they were spelt.

Lastly,I fixed how they were spelt. It was sort of easy to fix it.

I liked editing sentences. I was good at thinking of what words to use. I do not know what I need to improve on.

Ripper Rugby

We revised our rippa rugby skills in PE on Thursday

First,we revised on how to pass. To pass right I have to put my right hand at the top the ball and put my left hand at the bottom then spin the ball. The ball should spin well.

Then,we played relay race,In this game the first three people in the three lines have to pass to eachother.The first team to sit down wins. We also remebered not to pass the ball forward.

Lastly,we played rippa tag. In rippa tag the first three in the two lines would try to rip the oppnents tags.

I enjoyed the rippa tag game,I did well in passing,I need to improve playing relay race.