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I learnt how to write a Explanation.

First,we learnt about the structure of an explanation. ties stands for title, introduction,  and the summary. The three main language features are third person. Present simple tense and cause and effect words.

Next,we learnt about the object that we were learning about.The object was a electric automatic pencil sharpener.You had to tell how it works

Lastly,we did a plan were we had to write everything we were talking about and put it on the plan then you had to write your summary. You had to write about the topic for the summary,then you had to write a explanation about the Electric Automatic pencil sharpener.


Imaginative recount

We wrote an imaginative recount.

First  we made a plan of a motorcroos brainstorm recount.

Next we made a backwards s plan to plan what will happen in event one and two and three.

Lastly we wrote a story about the zombie apocolypes in a planing doc.

I enjoyed this task because i got to write a story about zombies coming to the familys neibourhood,I need to  improve using puncuation in the story.

Complex Sentences

This week i learned about complex sentences.

First, I learned what a complex sentence is.

Next, I wrote some complex sentences in some slides

Lastly,I took some photos for my complex sentences.

I need to improve in writing complex sentences. I enjoyed writing and taking photos for my complex sentences. i did well in taking photos.



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