Today we learned some skills in soccer.

First,we got into four teams ,when we got into four teams we done some dribbling with out foot but while we were dribbling we were racing the other team.

Next,we used the inside of our foot so the ball stays close so the other team cant steal it.

Lastly,we got into teams of four and then we had to kick the ball eight times.

I enjoyed this task because i got to learn some new skills. I need to improve kicking and dribbling the ball. I did well in kicking the ball to my partner.





Observable Information

Osbervable information is something that can be seen directly. Literal Information is information that is printed or written down.

Observable information is can be seen without guessing extra information.For example in the first slide,There is water.

Literal information is understanding the information directly in the text. For example: in the second slide there is a team that is wearing green.


Imaginative recount

We wrote an imaginative recount.

First  we made a plan of a motorcroos brainstorm recount.

Next we made a backwards s plan to plan what will happen in event one and two and three.

Lastly we wrote a story about the zombie apocolypes in a planing doc.

I enjoyed this task because i got to write a story about zombies coming to the familys neibourhood,I need to  improve using puncuation in the story.

World War 1

This week we learned about world war one.

First we made a copy of a doc called event and effect,we watch and read some articals about rats and lice.

Next we wrote the events and efects for example rats the size of cats were in the trenches. Lice sat inside the soldiers’ clothing. (Events)

Lastly we checked through our work to see it was correct.

I enjoyed this task because I got to found out some thing of world war one.

I need to improve of looking what goes in the events or effects.

T Balls skills

We revised and learned more T balls skills.

First,we played noodle tag so we can warm up how to bat and run.

Next, Coach Cameron told us the four things that we need to remember while playing t ball. While playing we need to also remember the bat is at the height of your belly button and we need your feet in line,spread arpart also we need to remember arms out straight, and face sideways.

Lastly,we played game and then switch teams to play against others.

I enjoyed this game of Tball because it was fun to bat,i did well in hitting the ball with the bat ,i need to improve on catching.

Current events

This week we learned about current events.

First,we made a copy of a slide.

After,we went on kiwi kids news  to pick an interesting story.

Lastly,we summerized our story from Kiwi kids news.

I enjoyed this task because I found an intresting story.


T-ball Skills

We learned about diffrent T ball skills,The skills we learned were Throwing and Running and Hitting.

First,we practice throwing the ball by playing ball rain.

Next,we practice running between the bases by having a relay race.

Lastly,we practiced hitting.we hit the ball on the tee.

I enjoyed doing this task because I liked hitting the ball. I think I should improve catching. I did well in batting.

Complex Sentences

This week i learned about complex sentences.

First, I learned what a complex sentence is.

Next, I wrote some complex sentences in some slides

Lastly,I took some photos for my complex sentences.

I need to improve in writing complex sentences. I enjoyed writing and taking photos for my complex sentences. i did well in taking photos.



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