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I learnt about what reorganisation means. Reorganisations is to change the way somehting is organisaed to fidn an answer.

First,we got into groups of two and then we got a white board marker and a white board because we needed to write the answer on it. We solved some questions together as a group .

Next,we went to go do some individual slides. These were the kinds of slides we had to answer,cold night, bricks, and true champion.

Lastly,I checked if I had  any mistakes or if I left something out in one of my sentence.

I enjoyed this task because I did some activitys for organisation, I did well with the activities, I need to improve how to explain the question properly.

diagram Labelling

Today we learned about what a diagram is and how to label a diagram.

A diagram shows information how an object looks or works.

Digram are basic pictures  that use label and arrows to explain objects. Basic  pictures or line drawing are used to minimise confusion.

The slide below showes a simple tree with four parts.

Lables that are on the diagram shows the name of the part or how it works.


Today we made a poster about what is inference.

Inference is conclusion or opinion that is format because of known fact or evidence.

I made a google draw about writting information about what is inference for example: i can see can see a bee on a flower so I can infer that the bee is getting honey. I used pixabay to get a photo about bees.



Observable Information

Osbervable information is something that can be seen directly. Literal Information is information that is printed or written down.

Observable information is can be seen without guessing extra information.For example in the first slide,There is water.

Literal information is understanding the information directly in the text. For example: in the second slide there is a team that is wearing green.


Current events

This week we learned about current events.

First,we made a copy of a slide.

After,we went on kiwi kids news  to pick an interesting story.

Lastly,we summerized our story from Kiwi kids news.

I enjoyed this task because I found an intresting story.


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